In Peachtree City, Georgia, Virginia Buttonweed is a difficult to control broadleaf lawn weed that germinates in the spring and continues to grow throughout the summer.  Buttonweed grows in a thick mat-like pattern with a deep taproot system.  This tenacious lawn weed is often found in disturbed lawns and landscapes under moist, wet conditions and areas of poor drainage.  Buttonweed can be identified by the white, four-lobed, flowers it produces in clusters along the stem at each axil.  This type of lawn weed is difficult to control because it not only reproduces by seed but also by root and stem pieces.  Not only is it difficult to control, but it is also a perennial plant, meaning it comes back year after year unless removed from the site.  The best defense against Virginia Buttonweed in your Peachtree City lawn is to maintain a thick, dense lawn.  A thick lawn makes it hard to invasive weeds to germinate and flourish.  Maintain your lawn with adequate irrigation, proper drainage, and by mowing at the appropriate height.