The first line of defense against Peachtree City Lawn Pest & Diseases should be cultural practices that promote dense growth.  Turf grass injury in Peachtree City is often due to inappropriate growing conditions or poor maintenance.  To prevent pest and diseases the growing site for the turf grass should be properly prepped.  Peachtree City weeds should be removed or killed before seeding, sprigging, or sodding is done to the site.  To prevent Peachtree City Lawn Pest & Diseases and promote lawn growth, the turf grass site should be properly prepared as follows:

  1. 1.       Drainage
    1. a.       Plants including turf grass grow best in well-drained and well-aerated soil. 
    2. b.      Turf grass needs good surface drainage to help reduce disease growth.
    3. c.       Aerating the soil often also helps improve drainage.  Compacted soils keep the water from sinking in to the soil.  When this happens the soil stays very wet, roots drown and disease begins to grow.
  2. 2.       Air Flow, Humidity, and Shade
    1. a.       Remove trees and branches when possible to reduce the amount of shade on the turf.  Removing trees also helps with competition between the turf grass and tree roots.  This also improves air flow on the lawn and reduces humidity.
    2. b.      Do NOT place structures such as fences or out buildings where they will reduce air flow on the lawn. 
    3. c.       Planting ground cover or using mulch is a good choice in shady areas of the lawn where trees can not be removed.

After these cultural practices are completed we suggest a Peachtree City Lawn Care Program with fertilization and weed control applications.