Peachtree City Zoysia turf is a medium textured warm season grass.  This dense grass has an extensive root system that can adapt too many different soil varieties including salt and clay.  Zoysia is best established from sod because it has a slow but steady growth rate.  This type of turf grass spreads by above ground stolons and underground rhizomes.  Peachtree City zoysia is known for being both drought and cold resistant.  However, at the first frost zoysia will turn brown as it goes dormant and be the first one to green up the following spring.  Proper mowing height and lighting are essential for zoysia turf grass to thrive and flourish.  This type of turf needs full sun to partial shade to survive and remain its lush deep green color.  Zoysia will not survive in areas of full shade.  Remember it is a warm season grass after all.  The correct mowing height for zoysia is .5-2 inches.  When mowing make sure that your mower blades are sharpened at least once a month to have the best desired results.  Peachtree City zoysia turf is a thick and aggressive grass and when taken care of properly, will have a lush deep emerald green color and be resistant to weed invasions.


Stolon:  a horizontal stem, at or just below the ground surface that produces new plants from buds at it tips or nodes

Rhizomes:  a plant stem that grows horizontally beneath and/or parallel to the ground and often produces roots and shoots