Poa annua in Atlanta lawns, also known as annual bluegrass, is one of the most common and invasive turf weeds found in your turf.  This type of weed grows in dense clumps, taking away the aesthetic qualities of your desired turf with its bright, yellowish green color.  Poa annua thrives in areas of moisture and shade as well as in a variety of compacted soils easily filling in any bare or weak areas in your turfgrass.  Establishment of new plants most commonly happens after a rain storm, which we have had more than our share of this spring.  Mother Nature has created the perfect environment for poa annua to grow!  Once summer arrives and soil and air temperatures begin to rise and consistently stay above 80 degrees, poa annua will start dying out as it can not survive the stresses of summer heat.  The best defense against poa annua in your Atlanta lawn is a lush and vigorous turf.  Be sure to maintain your turfgrass at the appropriate height.  It is also important that you are not overwatering your lawn especially the shaded areas, as this will predispose your turf to a poa annua invasion.  Pre-emergents are also used to control poa annua.  When applied at the correct time of the year, they will keep the poa annua at bay by stopping them from germinating, however it will not kill the mature plants as they are already established.   Are you having issues with poa annua in your Atlanta lawn?  Call Nature’s Turf today for your free lawn estimate!