With fall weather just around the corner, it is important to start considering the use of pre-emergence for Newnan lawns.  What are pre-emergence?  Pre-emergence are herbicides specifically formulated to target and kill unwanted weeds.  Pre-emergence for Newnan Lawns are used in the fall to prevent unwanted infestation of weeds.  It is vital that this type of herbicide is applied during early to mid-September before the unwanted weeds begin to germinate and sprout.  When applied at the right time, pre-emergence are effective in the lawn and remain in the soil for six to twelve weeks.  After the pre-emergence herbicide is applied it is important to remove thatch and irrigate with atleast ½ inch of water to create a chemical barrier in the soil.  The chemical barrier is what keeps the weeds from sprouting up into the turf.  When weeds begin to germinate underneath the soil, the root system of the plant soaks up the herbicide and kills the plant before it can mature and sprout in your turf.  If Newnan lawns don’t have an established chemical barrier, the herbicide becomes ineffective and weeds can be e expected.   This process will create holes in your established chemical barrier and weeds can sprout in the “holes” of the barrier.  Remember timing is everything when it comes to pre-emergence for your Newnan lawn.  If done to early or late the herbicide will be completely ineffective for your lawn.  Ready for your application?  Give Nature’s Turf a call today and let our professionals take care of those unwanted friends just waiting to sprout in your Newnan turf!  Check out our Newnan Lawn Care Program.