Proper irrigation in Smyrna, Georgia is absolutely critical to the health of your lawn, for without water it simply won’t survive.  Many turf issues such as fungal activity and insect infestations are contributed to improper watering practice.  To practice proper irrigation practices, water your lawn  early in the morning between the hours of 4:00 am and 8:00 am while temperatures are still pretty cool.  This allows the turf stand roots to absorb as much water as possible without the threat of evaporation.  You should avoid watering late in the evening as this prolongs the period of time the leaves remain wet and increases chances of disease issues such as leaf spot.  It is best to water deeply and less frequently as this practice will encourage deep root growth and produce a healthy turf stand.    This is typically about an inch of water per week.  To maintain a healthy, green, densely growing turf, proper irrigation in Smyrna, Georgia is a must!