Pruning during dormancy  in Peachtree City, Georgia is a quite common practice, especially for deciduous trees and shrubs.  During the winter, deciduous trees and shrubs enter into dormancy, meaning growth and development temporarily stops and the all leaves are lost.  This makes winter the perfect time to break out those pruning shears as there is no new growth to damage and no leaves making each branch clearly visible.  Pruning during dormancy not only revitalizes your plants, but also helps stimulate production of more flowers and fruit.  Pruning during dormancy also keeps unwanted diseases and pests at bay.  It’s important to keep in mind that while proper pruning will enhance your Peachtree City trees and shrubs, improper pruning can ruin and greatly reduce the plants landscape potential.  Remember it is better NOT to prune than to do it incorrectly.  Below are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Take out all dead and dying branch
  2. Prune out any diseased limbs right away
  3. Do NOT prune when wet
  4. Cut to the trees natural shape, NO SCALPING!