Many Fayetteville, Georgia homeowners are unaware of the functions and importance of their turf grass root system.  Turf grasses have a fibrous root system verses a taproot system.  A fibrous root system consists of a number of roots that emerge from the base of the plant stem.  Fibrous root systems are concentrated near the soil surface, securing the grass plant in place with its network of petite, branching roots.  The branching of the roots is important as the roots attach themselves to soil particles anchoring them in place, thus helping with erosion control. Though they may be out of sight, they should never be out of mind.  The root system is the foundation of your turf grass stand.  They perform all functions vital for plant growth.  Since the roots are located just below the soil surface, they intercept water as it filters down through the soil capturing nutrients needed by the plant to absorb through the grass root system.  By properly maintaining your Atlanta, Georgia turf stand with proper mowing and adequate water and nutrients you will not only have healthy and vigorous turf grass but the grass root system will be healthy as well!