There are two different root systems of Atlanta turf grass.  The primary roots, also known as seminal roots, are the first roots to develop as the grass seedling develops into an embryo begin to germinate.  As the embryo matures, the seminal roots absorb water and much needed nutrients from the soil.  These very first roots continue to absorb nutrients for the young plant for one year after germination occurs.  Seminal roots disappear as the secondary root system develop and become established.  The secondary roots are called adventitious roots and develop from the grass plant crown.  Once they are established in the turf they become solely responsible for absorbing nutrients and water for the grass plant and function as storage reservoirs for carbohydrates.   The adventitious root systems of Atlanta turf grass are what keep the plant anchored into the soil.  Roots are the primary source of hormone development which regulate shoot growth and development.   The root system is what controls the entire grass plant!

Major Functions of Root Systems of Atlanta Turf:

  1.  Absorption- primary function is to absorb water and nutrients from soil.  Roots provide the shoots with both!
  2. Anchorage- Roots are what hold the plant in place and keep it from being washed or blown away
  3. Hormone Synthesis- Roots are primary source of hormones for the grass plant.  Roots control how the entire plant develops and matures.  Different root stuctures provide the root system with effiecient mechanisms for performing and controlling the entire plant growth.