There are no two ways about it, a healthy summer lawn takes quite a bit of work. A few hot days without the proper care could cause your lush green grass to turn brown and crispy. At Nature’s Turf, our McDonough lawn care experts are dedicated to keeping your lawn as healthy as possible. In order to keep your lawn healthy, it is important to know what the signs of a drought-damaged lawn are, so that you can watch out for them and get the help that you need right away. That is why we have come up with this list of signs that your yard could be damaged:

  • Find a brown spot in your yard. If you pull on the grass and you find that it is firmly rooted, your grass is most likely suffering from drought stress.
  • When you walk on your grass does it bounce back up quickly, or does your footprint remain in the grass? If your footprint stays in the grass, it could be an early warning sign that your yard is afflicted by drought stress.
  • A great way to tell if your lawn is damaged from a drought is to look at your entire lawn as a whole. A sign that your lawn under drought stress is a lawn that is green in the shade or the areas right around your sprinkler, but brown in other areas.

If you want to keep your lawn green and beautiful even on the hottest days of summer, then it is time to turn to Nature’s Turf. Let us help you to get the lawn you have always wanted. Contact us today to get your free lawn care analysis.