Snow Mold in Peachtree City

Snow mold in Peachtree City is a lawn fungus that may affect your lawn during the winter months.  Gray snow mold is the least damaging form of snow mold as it usually only affects the grass blade making damage done only cosmetic.  This type of mold can be identified in your lawn by grayish water-soaked circular patches.  White mycelia, cob web like strings, may or may not be present in the infected areas of your lawn.  It’s also important to remember that snow does not have to be present for gray snow mold to develop.  This type of fungus can also develop easily underneath leaf covers if left covered for an extended period of time.  Gray snow mold in Peachtree City, highly favors cool, moist weather conditions.  Not to worry, there are a few preventative measures to keep snow mold at bay in your Peachtree City turf stand!

  • All leaves and debris should be removed from lawn
  • Maintain healthy lawn height and proper maintenance
  • Timely fertilization applications
  • Manage areas of thatch and heavy foot travel