Are you looking forward to having a beautiful lawn this summer? Don’t wait until the summer to get started; a healthy summer lawn starts in the spring. Winter can have drastic effects on your lawn’s health, but there is a way to reverse those effects and we can help. In order to get beautiful results for your lawn, you need to turn to Nature’s Turf. We provide professional, spring time lawn care in Fayetteville, and we can give you incredible results that you can be proud of, all summer long.

Reversing winter’s effects on your lawn can be time consuming, but luckily we can help! One of the biggest ways that winter can affect your lawn is by compacting your soil. Compacted soil occurs most often in the places in your lawn that gets the most foot traffic. The spots in your lawn that are compacted will probably turn brown more quickly in dry weather, and there tends to be puddles of water on them when it rains. Compact soil lacks proper aeration, but this is an issue that can easily be combated with core aeration. Core aeration will allow water, air, and nutrients to reach down in the roots of your lawn, which can help it to stay healthy and green.

Don’t wait until the summer to start thinking about your lawn care. The ideal time to get started is the spring because the ground has the optimal level of moisture. There is no better time time to get started than right now because we are offering your first lawn care treatment for only $29! Call us today to schedule yours.