Nothing could be sweeter than a summer without skeeters in Atlanta, Georgia!  Mosquito season starts as early as March down here below the Mason Dixon line depending on rain fall and temperatures.   As soon as temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit and consistently stay warm, mosquitoes become active, especially during the hours of dusk and dawn.  The months of June to September are peak mosquito months, meaning this is when they are most active and will remain active until the first frost.  It may come as a shock but mosquitoes are more than blood sucking pests.  They also feed on flower nectar and other natural sugars available in their environment.  The adult female mosquito is the blood sucker responsible for having to break out the calamine lotion.  She needs the protein found in blood for the development of eggs for future generations.

The start of mosquito season is the best time to start preventative control methods such as getting rid of any stagnant water in or around your yard as well as starting our Mosquito Reduction Program.  Mosquitoes also carry malaria and West Nile Virus, making them a health hazard.  By starting preventative methods early, you will eradicate mosquitoes in your landscape as well as keep your family and pests safe with a summer without skeeters. Call Nature’s Turf today for your first Mosquito Control Treatment!  Do summer right, avoid those nasty skeeter bites!