Tall fescue in McDonough, Georgia is a cool season turf grass identifiable by its deep green color and coarse textured grass blade.  Cool season turf grasses grow best during cooler seasons such as Spring and Fall and go dormant during the hot summer months.  However, if maintained properly you can keep your fescue green all year round. Tall fescue is a quite durable turf stand as it tolerates heat and drought as well as being able to adapt to sunny or partially sunny environments. It is commonly used in areas of high traffic or play areas.  Tall fescue is a deep rooted bunch grass, meaning it is a singular plant growing in a small clump or matt and does not spread via rhizomes or runners.  Instead each individual plant produces new grass blades, known as tillers, and have their own separate root system.  Since tall fescue is not self-repairing like Bermuda turf grass, this cool season grass must be over seeded to maintain thickness and density.  Over seeding tall fescue in McDonough, Georgia, in the fall allows the seed to germinate and develop adequate root depth before the arrival of summer heat.  This cool season turf is highly valued for its ability to stay green all year round when properly maintained.


tall fescue lawn