Transplanting dormant turf grass in Atlanta is a common practice and will have quite successful results when done properly.  In fact, the same rules used for normal sodding are used for dormant transplanting.  Successful transplanting of dormant turf grass in Atlanta, depends highly upon proper soil preparation and most importantly preventing desiccation, or the drying out of turf grass roots during the winter.  The following tips will help you successfully transplant dormant sod in your Atlanta lawn.

  • Healthy, although dormant, warm season turf grass must be used
  • Loosen up soil at a depth of six inches with a tiller
  • Moisten soil, but do NOT saturate
  • Install sod within 48 hours of its harvest to prevent cold injury to the roots
  • Make sure sod is laid tight and rolled to ensure smoothness and even root growth
  • Avoid desiccation – the complete drying out of the turf during winter months