There are two ways of treating grassy weeds in Tyrone lawns.  At Nature’s Turf we use both methods within our Tyrone Lawn Care Program to treat annual grassy weeds.  To treat these unwanted annual grasses postemergence and preemergence herbicides are used.  Postemergence herbicides are the most effective when weeds are actively growing in the lawn.  Postemergence must remain on the on the unwanted leaves for several hours to a full day to penetrate and circulate throughout the plant.  If it were to rain before adequate time has elapsed, weeds in the Tyrone turf may not be killed.  Postemergence herbicides react best to turf acceptable to sufficient sunshine when temperatures have reached 65 to 85 degrees and humidity is high.  Things to know about postemergence herbicides:

  • Do NOT apply to newly seeded grass until it has been mowed a minimum of three times.
  • You should wait four to six weeks before applying to newly sodded turf in Tyrone.
  • Do NOT apply when rain is expected for it will wash away any and all herbicide applied.
  • Avoid mowing the treated Tyrone turf for at least three days after application.

In Tyrone preemergence herbicides are applied to the soil in the lawn two to four weeks before anticipated weed sprouting.   For summer annual grasses, preemergence should be applied in late winter or early spring to be the most effective.  Sometimes another treatment is needed and should be done eight weeks after the first treatment on the Tyrone lawn.  For winter annuals preemergence herbicide application should be done in late summer or early fall.  The preemergence MUST reach the soil in the turf to be active and will remain in the soil for several weeks.  To make sure that the herbicide spreads to the soil you should irrigate your Tyrone lawn with half an inch of water to make sure a chemical barrier is made in the soil.   What you need to know about preemergence herbicides when treating weeds in Tyrone:

  • Wait two to four months after application before you reseed your Tyrone lawn.
  • Do not use before laying sod!
  • You should mow your Tyrone lawn three to four times before applying preemergence.
  • Avoid using preemergence if your lawn is thin, weak or damaged.