Turf grass diseases in Atlanta, Georgia occur when environmental conditions such as weather, conditions of the turf site, and management practices become favorable for the disease to develop.  Site issues such as limited air and light, poor drainage, or poor soil conditions will also contribute to your turfs disease susceptibility.  Turf diseases decrease the curb appeal and aesthetic value of your home.  Turf grass diseases in Atlanta, Georgia, can happen to any lawn.  However they can be stopped or prevented with the help of fungicides.  First you must ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What is your turf type?
    1. Is it a warm season turf such as Bermuda or Zoysia?
    2. Or it a cool season turf like Fescue?
    3. Some grasses are more susceptible than others to certain types of diseases.
  2. What symptoms or indicators are present in your lawn?
    1. Are patches or rings visible in the turf?
    2. Do you see any yellowing, discoloration, leaf lesions, etc.?
  3. What could have caused this issue?
    1. When did you first notice symptoms?
    2. Where did the symptoms begin initially?
    3. Has it spread to new areas or expanded in size?
    4. What type of fertilization and irrigation schedule are you on?