It is just as important to properly maintain your warm-season turf (Bermuda & Zoysia grasses) in the winter, as it is in the warmer months. Below are a few tips to make sure your turf is on the right track and ready for the growing season.

-Make sure to remove or mulch fallen leaves to improve air flow and reduce the risk of disease.

-Mow grass at highest recommended height. For Bermuda & Zoysia grass, the highest recommended mowing height is 2 inches. Clean equipment after each use and make sure blades are sharp.

-Water your lawn as needed. Be careful not to over-water, which can add to the risk of disease. Your lawn needs approximately 1” of water every 7-10 days. Water in the early morning hours, giving the soil ample time to absorb the moisture. Do not water in the evening, as the temperatures are cooler and the dew point is higher. The water may “sit” for a while, contributing to the danger of disease.

-Prune tree limbs up to allow for adequate light and air circulation. This will also reduce humidity, in return, lessening the possibility of disease.