Corn speedwell is a common, dense and low growing winter annual in McDonough, Georgia.  This winter annual often invades weak or bare areas in your turf stand, quickly spreading especially to areas of good soil moisture.  Corn speedwell is identifiable by the fine hairs found over the entire plant.  Flowers of corn speedwell range from blue to violet with a white center.  Reproducing solely by seed, heart shaped pods hold the seeds until they are mature enough to be released.

     Because of its fibrous roots system, corn speedwell can easily be removed by hand.  The best defense against winter annuals in McDonough, Georgia, whether in warm or cool season turf is to build and maintain a thick and healthy turf stand.  Cultural practices as well as good turf management are very effective in keeping this weed at bay.  Pre-emergence herbicides are also effective in eradicating corn speedwell.  Pre-emergence keep the corn speedwell seeds from germinating and producing new seeds for further generations.