What is winter damage in Fayetteville, Georgia and can it be prevented?  Winter damage, also known as winter kill, is loss turf due to various environmental conditions such as low temperature, wind, ice, snow, and disease.  The extent of the damage is a result of the interaction between the grass, soil, environment and climate.  Though some factors can be controlled such as disease, in the end our lawns are ultimately at the mercy of Mother Nature and some winter damage can not be prevented.   Winter damage may affect any lawn under the right circumstances however, it is less likely to occur to a healthier turf stand that has been properly maintained all year round.  Proper maintenance is vital as it makes the grass roots longer and stronger.  Listed below are a few steps to keep your lawn healthy this winter:

  1. Raise mowing height in the fall
  2. Fertilize in the fall to ensure winter hardiness
  3. Adequate surface drainage
  4. Minimize shade
  5. Remove thatch
  6. Aerate to relieve soil compaction