Now that your lawn is coming out of dormancy and the soil temperatures are rising, it is time to aerate your zoysia lawn in Peachtree City, Georgia!   The soil beneath your zoysia turf becomes compacted throughout the year due to mowing and maintenance practices, rain, and children or pets playing on the lawn.  When the soil becomes too compacted, vital nutrients are unable to penetrate through the soil and reach the root system.  Soil compaction prevents the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the soil.  Without these vital nutrients, your lawn will struggle to grow deep, strong roots to produce a more vigorous lawn.  The process of aerating encourages roots to grow deeper making the lawn more resistant to lawn diseases and drought.  The holes created during the aeration process loosen the soil and increase the amount of oxygen available and improves the turf stands overall growth.   Aerating your zoysia lawn in Peachtree City, Georgia will keep your turf grass healthy and also helps aid in preventing and removing lawn thatch.  Give the soil beneath your zoysia lawn some TLC this spring and schedule a core aeration!