1. Peachtree City, Georgia, Pre Emergent Herbicides

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, pre-emergent herbicides are used in the prevention of weeds in your home lawn and landscape.  Pre- emergents applied in the fall are used to prevent winter weeds such as chickweed, poa annua, and henbit from germinating and invading your lawn this winter.  Pre- emergent herbicides work by creating a uniform barrier in the top layer of soil.  This barrier prevents the…Read More

  2. Doveweed inMcDonough, Georgia

    Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia is an aggressive summer weed often found in warm season turf stands such as Bermuda.  It usually germinates later in the summer and into the fall and spreads quite rapidly.  Doveweed prefers a moist environment.   Drainage issues in the lawn or over-watering encourage the development of this tenacious weed.  The identification of doveweed can sometimes be diffic…Read More

  3. Army Worms In Fayettville, Georgia

    Army worms in Fayetteville, Georgia are destructive lawn pest causing severe damage to your Bermuda lawn.  Army worms are the caterpillars or larvae of moths.  These tiny little guys earn their name because they travel in armies or masses eating any green foliage in their path.  They are most active at night and hide in plant or turf debris during the day.  Adult female moths lay eggs in masse…Read More

  4. Nutsegde in Newnan, Georgia

    Nutsedge in Newnan, Georgia is a persistent perennial weed often times found growing under moist conditions.  Nutsegde more often than not develops due to poor drainage and thrives in moist environment.   However, once established they will thrive in dry soil.  Nutsegde, commonly known as nutgrass, is not technically a grass at all but a sedge.  A sedge is a grass like plant with a triangular…Read More

  5. Fescue in McDonough, Georgia

    Known for its year round color and ability to thrive in shade and drought, Fescue in McDonough, Georgia is commonly used in residential lawns as well as golf courses.   Fescue is commonly used because it is coarse textured turf grass making it a great choice for high traffic or play areas.  Fescue is a cool season turf grass with the most productive growth during the months of September to June…Read More

  6. Atlanta, Georgia Lawns

    You’re Atlanta, Georgia lawn offers more than just natural beauty to your landscape.  There are many beneficial factors of having a well maintained home lawn.  Turf grasses are natural barriers in successfully preventing erosion brought on by wind and water while reducing run off at the same time.  Your lawn intercepts the water and wind from the soil, preventing the soil profile from being d…Read More

  7. Peachtree, City, Georgia Proper Lawn Mowing

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, proper lawn mowing requires a sharp blade, every time you mow.  Proper mowing practices are vital to maintain a healthy and vigorous turf stand.  Not only is mowing with a sharp blade easier but it is better for your lawn for a few reasons.  When you mow your lawn with a dull blade, the grass blades are actually being ripped or torn away instead of being cut evenly.…Read More

  8. Atlanta, Georgia Melting Out

    In Atlanta, Georgia, melting out, also known as leaf spot, is a common lawn disease that affects both warm and cool season turf grasses.  This type of lawn disease commonly effects golf greens, athletic fields, and home lawns with damage usually occurring during late spring through early winter.  Melting out disease is easily identifiable by the purplish to black colored lesions with tan centers…Read More

  9. Heat Stress In Fayetteville, Georgia

    The dog days of summer are here and your lawn may be experiencing heat stress in Fayetteville, Georgia.  Heat stress is a condition caused by extended periods of high heat and humidity with a lack of rainfall.  As a result, your lawn will begin to wilt and irregular shaped patches may be seen throughout the lawn.  Footprints that remain on your lawn after several minutes is also a good indicati…Read More

  10. Crape Myrtles in McDonough, Georgia

    Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease of crape myrtles in McDonough, Georgia.  This type of disease most often occurs during the spring but may occur at any point during the growing season.  The development of powdery mildew is favored by warm days followed by cool nights.  Extended periods of dry weather and excessive shade also promote development of disease.  This type of disease produces very…Read More