1. Weed Control in Fayetteville, Georgia

    The best method of weed control in Fayetteville, Georgia is maintaining lush and vigorously growing turf stand. Proper cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering and fertilization are the first steps to a healthy, weed free lawn. However, because of wind, animals and foot travel weeds can still be a challenge even with the best cultural practices. Because of how weed seeds spread it may be…Read More

  2. McDonough, Georgia Zoysia Patch

    In McDonough, Georgia, zoysia patch or large patch is a common lawn disease of zoysia turf grasses as it enters and leaves dormancy.  Large patch may affect any warm season turf grass but is partial to zoysia lawns. This type of lawn disease is caused by a fungus that is active in the fall while your zoysia lawn is dormant.  Symptoms are not seen until the lawn begins to come out of dormancy in …Read More

  3. Lawn Diseases in Newnan, Georgia

    Rhizoctonia Large Patch, or more commonly known as Zoysia patch is one of the most significant and infections lawn diseases in Newnan, Georgia.  Rhizoctonia Large Patch is closely related to pathogen causing brown patch in Fescue lawns.  However, the rhizoctonia pathogen only infects zoysia turf stands.  Lawns are more susceptible to zoysia patch when entering into and emerging from winter dorm…Read More

  4. Nutrient Needs for Your McDonough Turf

    Are the nutrient needs for your McDonough turf being met?  Your turf needs more than carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen.  Fertile soil is crucial to obtain optimum growth and productivity.  For successful turf growth, there are three primary nutrients needed, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  These three essential nutrients are also known as macro-nutrients, macro meaning large, as they …Read More