Core Aeration is the process of pulling thousands of 1-2’’ plugs out of the ground.  This process is typically completed using a machine that runs over the lawn punching into the ground and removing these small plugs.  Core aeration opens the soil up so that more water, fertilizer and oxygen can reach the root system of the turf.

Core Aeration is important for warm season turf during the spring and summer growing season.  Common warm season grass that benefit from this service are Bermuda and Zoysia Turf.  This process is recommended at least 1 time per year on a residential lawn.  Depending on the amount of activity the lawn experiences during the year, multiple aerations may be needed.

Core Aeration is also important for cool season turf like Fescue.  This is a type of turf that needs to be seeded every fall.  To get the best results, Core Aerate prior to applying the seed.  Core aeration will loosen the soil, break up thatch and allow for better air flow.

Thatch can be a common problem in all lawns.  Core aeration is a great way to prevent this problem.  Thatch is the buildup of dead stems, leaves and roots which accumulate between the layer of actively growing turf grass and the soil underneath.  Heavy thatch can cause a decline in the turf which is why regular core aeration is recommended.