When it comes to the wide range of lawn care services for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn, core aeration is one of the most important. Almost all lawns will benefit from aeration, but a great lawn demands it. Any lawn seeing high traffic, excessive thatch, or heavy soils will benefit most from a good round of aeration. 

The Importance of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration, sometimes called core aeration is one of those lawn care services that most people are not familiar with. However, you probably have seen the benefits of core aeration on a golf course — golf courses are aerated consistently to keep the grass looking perfect all of the time. 

Aeration is the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. At Nature’s Turf, during aeration services our equipment removes small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn which improves the natural soil aeration and reduces soil compaction, allowing your grass to grow deeper roots and utilize water and fertilizer more efficiently.

How Often Is Lawn Aeration Needed?

As mentioned, your lawn should be professionally aerated at least once a year. However, there are several factors that determine how often your lawn should be aerated. If you are unsure whether or not your lawn can benefit from lawn aeration services, contact our experts today! We’ll come inspect your landscape, soil conditions, and other factors to determine the best lawn aeration treatment to fit your needs!