In Atlanta, Ga it is important to know the proper lawn watering schedules.  Not only to get great results from the Nature’s Turf lawn care program but also to conserve water.  There are two Atlanta lawn watering schedules and they are very different.  When it comes to an irrigation system, you can really save some money on the watering bill.  Atlanta turf will need to be watered on a different schedule than your trees and shrubs.  Like we talked about last week, established trees and shrubs should only need to be watered 1 time per week.  Unlike trees and shrubs in Atlanta, turf has a very short root system.  Turf roots are so shallow that they dry out faster than tree and shrubs.  We recommend watering your turf three times per week in Atlanta, GA.  So how do you save money?  You need to have your tree and shrubs on a separate zone!  If they are on the same zone as your turf , you’ll be forced to water them when you water your turf.  So spend the money and have an irrigation contractor come out and separate your trees and shrubs from your turf.  The money you save on your Atlanta water bills will easily pay for the irrigation modifications.  Below are some pictures of different irrigation heads and average run times.  In Atlanta always start on the low end and work your way up on watering run times.  Your turf will show dry spots if you aren’t watering your Atlanta lawn enough.

This is an irrigation head that we refer to as a “mister”.  This head stays stationary and will water the same area for the entire time it is on.  For this reason it will not need to run for as long of a time.  Run this type of irrigation head for 10-30 min.

This is an irrigation head we refer to as a “rotor”.  It is called this simply because it moves back and forth, not keeping the water on one particular spot.  Since this rotor moves it will need to run longer than the “mister” irrigation head.  Run this type zone for 30-60min.  Remember to start low and work your way up.  Your lawn will tell you if it’s thirsty!