Many people think that the cool temperatures are a reason to take the winter off!  Not so fast!  In Atlanta, GA the lawn is depending on you to apply timely pre-emergent applications all winter.  At Nature’s we’ve been applying these applications over the last few months and will continue through the winter.  If you’re doing your own treatments, follow a good schedule.  Timing is everything!    On a side note and a company plug, if you’re doing your own lawn care applications, add up the bills from this year.  Then call the Nature’s team and get an estimate on our 8 treatment weed control and fertilization for Atlanta Lawns.  Compare the difference.  Did you save money doing it yourself?  Maybe you saved a little but think of all the things you could have been doing in the garden when you were messing with fertilizers and herbicides.  One of our biggest responses to our 8 visit Atlanta Lawn Care Program is the surprise in how affordable this program really is and the amount of time it allowed the new client to work on other, more enjoyable gardening projects.