At Nature’s Turf, Inc. we have designed our lawn care program to work with rainfall alone. If, however, you have an irrigation system available we suggest the following.

Established lawns should be watered deeply and less often. Make sure to water long enough to saturate the soil and not just the turf blades. Turf grass absorbs water through the roots located in the soil. A quick mist of the grass blades will not help the lawn and is a waste of water. Watering too often can also cause issues with the lawn including shallow root systems and increased risk of lawn diseases. Watering deeply and less often will result in better turf growth and increased water conservation compared to light, frequent watering.

To see the best results in your lawn we suggest watering two to three times per week for a total of one inch of water. You can check your water output by using a rain gauge. Reduce or increase your run times based off the test results.