Nature Turf’s lawn care services are the most trusted available in the McDonough area. At Nature’s Turf, we take pride in offering every customer exceptional lawn care, shrub care and tree care services to keep your landscape looking great. We are proud of our community and our family has been serving this area for over 35 years. Each lawn care specialist we work with maintains the highest industry standards and is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction at every job.

Lawn care in McDonough requires a specific strategy due to the unique weather in this region of Georgia. Nature’s Turf uses reliable and effective lawn care services so that your lawn can be superior to all those that neighbor it. Our chosen products, in addition to our unmatched customer service, set us apart as the top-rated provider of McDonough lawn care services.

General Lawn Care

If you want your lawn to reach its full potential then you’re going to need the experts at Nature’s Turf. We will go above and beyond to make sure that your grass is green, lush and healthy. Offering each customer a customized approach to lawn care based on their species of turf, size of their yard, and desires for their overall landscaping, we are committed to providing the best lawn care services in McDonough, GA. We know what it takes to make your grass thrive and we guarantee we’ll get it there.

Tree And Shrubbery Care

Getting to the peak of health and appearance of the trees and shrubs in your lawn takes a lot of skill, patience, and energy. This is especially true in Georgia where lawn pests or grass diseases can so often wreak havoc on the health of your landscaping. Thankfully, our tree care specialists and shrub experts can take care of any maintenance that the shrubs and trees in your landscape require so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Insect Control

If you are dealing with fire ants in your yard or grubs eating away at your grass, we can handle it. With the McDonough lawn care experts at Nature’s Turf on your side, you can be sure these pesky pests will not be a problem for long. We know exactly how to save your lawn from the unwanted creepy crawlies that may be wreaking havoc on it without using harmful pesticides that will kill your grass.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration in McDonough, Georgia involves having small plugs of soil removed from your grass to help fight the compaction of the soil. This ensures that the turf can access the air, water, and nutrients it needs to thrive without being impeded by a build-up of thatch. This can improve the air exchange between your lawn and the atmosphere, as well as enhance the grass’s water uptake. Lawn aeration services are an important part of total lawn care and you will be amazed by the benefits.

Mosquito Control In McDonough

Mosquitoes are one of the most resilient pests. Not only do they make it uncomfortable to spend time outside in your yard, but they can also spread diseases, putting you and your family at risk. Nature’s Turf offers effective mosquito control services in McDonough that will get rid of existing mosquitoes and prevent future infestations from taking over your yard. Enjoy spending time outside of your home when you allow us to treat your lawn with reliable mosquito prevention.

“The improvement of my yard over the last year since I began using Nature’s Turf is unbelievable.”

-Tom T., Hampton, GA