Mosquitoes are annoying and persistent pests that can ruin your outdoor experience and also transmit dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes can be especially pesky in this part of the country — after all, Atlanta’s mosquito problem was crowned the worst in the nation. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbeque or just playing fetch with your dog, you don’t want pesky mosquitoes to suck the fun out of everything! In order for you to better enjoy your lawn and landscape, Nature’s Turf offers mosquito control service to reduce mosquitoes in and around your property.

We Can Help You Achieve A Mosquito-Free Lawn!

Using the latest science and technology, our professional applicators will visit your home to apply fast-acting and long-lasting products that begin working within minutes, providing proven control until our next visit. In addition to the effectiveness of our barrier spray treatments against adult mosquitoes, our mosquito control service also helps reduce mosquito reproduction and breeding site viability.


  1. A thorough inspection of your property for mosquito breeding areas
  2. Develop a plan to minimize breeding sites and get rid of mosquitos
  3. Application of mosquito yard treatment, targeting breeding areas and creating a barrier around your property
  4. Application of safe, long-lasting products that interrupt mosquito development
  5. Misting plants, bushes, shrubs, and other foliage to eliminate adult mosquitoes

This spring and summer, contact Nature’s Turf to take back your yard and ensure a safe and enjoyable season for you and your family.

  • Guaranteed mosquito reduction
  • Competitive pricing
  • Uniformed technicians
  • Latest equipment & products used on every application
  • State licensed