Watering shrubs in Peachtree City, GA is simple!  Don’t over think the process and remember that the roots go deep on most trees and shrubs.  Your objective should be to slowly soak the entire root ball of the plant.  Ideally having a drip system installed in Peachtree City is the best method of watering.  Drip systems will allow each plant to have a direct source of water and it will release the water slowly.  The size emitter you have installed on the drip line will determine the amount of water released.  Of course if you have the time, hand watering each plant individually is a great shrub care method in Peachtree City!  We suggest watering 1 time per week for established plants during a normal weather pattern.  Drought like conditions may require an additional watering.  Likewise, in Peachtree City if you have new plants, they may also need additional watering.  Simply keep in mind that short waterings each day is not a good practice.  You should plan to soak the entire root ball with a long, slow watering.  Continue with this less frequently with more water each time!  It’s really that easy!  If you need more help with Peachtree City Shrub Care visit http://www.naturesturf.com/shrub-care-program/