Protect your family and lawn today with our fire ant bait applications. This three-times a year application program will keep your lawn clean of unsightly ant mounds and protect your family and pets from bites.

At Nature’s Turf, we use a bait product throughout the lawn to control fire ants. These creatures typically live in large groups and are extremely social. Fire ants are very protective of each other, with colonies ranging anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000+ ants. A typical colony has the queen ant who stays behind and is responsible for laying eggs to grow the population. The female ants that are not able to lay eggs are tasked with finding food. These ants move throughout the lawn searching for food to bring back to the colony. As they move across the lawn, they will find our strategically placed bait. This bait is then brought back to the colony where the queen, who can produce up to 800 eggs per day, is located. The bait ensures that the queen is killed, which results in the decline of the fire ants throughout the lawn.

We recommend this service to clients who want to enjoy their lawn without getting bit. Fire ant bites can be very dangerous if not treated properly. Mature fire ant colonies also create unsightly mounds throughout the lawn, which takes away from the overall appearance.

This service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you haven’t seen ants in your lawn, now is the time to sign up for our preventative fire ant bait program, to ensure you are protected.