1. Green By Spring in Atlanta, Georgia

    Do you have a lawn project or sports venue you need green by spring in Atlanta, Georgia?  While planting dormant sod during this weather is risky business, it can be done successfully!  Sodding during dormancy actually gives your lawn a head start on being green by spring. To ensure successful green up, first make sure that the sod being transplanted is completely dormant to avoid damage to the …Read More

  2. Life Cycle of the Army Worm

     Army worms in Atlanta, Georgia are destructive lawn pest, earning their name due to the way they travel in small insect groups consuming the turf stand in their path!  These little guys may only have a life cycle of about 28 to 30 days but boy can they do some damage in a short period of time.  The adult army worm is a nocturnal moth active during humid, warm summer evenings.  The adult femal…Read More

  3. Your Atlanta Lawn: Spring Tips

    Spring Tips for your Atlanta Lawn: Aerating – You should have your Atlanta lawn aerated during its peak growing season. For warm season grasses such as Bermuda or Zoysia, the process of aeration is best done during the spring through late summer. Mowing – Make sure your mowing your lawn weekly, making sure you are cutting no more than 1/3 of blades length Watering – Once your grass starts gr…Read More

  4. Reducing Mosquitoes In & Around Your Home

    Dispose of old tires, buckets, drums, bottles, plastic tarps, or any container that can hold water Make sure gutters are free of debris for proper drainage Fill in or drain puddles and ruts found in lawn Make sure drains and culverts are clear of trash for proper drainage Keep lids on trash bins to keep rain water out Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week and store it indoors when not in…Read More

  5. Atlanta Lawn Insects

    Cutworms, armyworms, webworms and bill bugs, Oh My!  These four tiny little Atlanta Lawn Insects are the most common pests that invade your Atlanta turf and feed on the leaves and stems.  Insects such as these have chewing mouth parts and consume leaf tissue and growing shoots of grass.  This causes the turf to thin out and become weak, leaving bare spots in your Atlanta lawn.  Cutworms hide i…Read More

  6. Insects in Atlanta Lawns

    Insects in Atlanta Lawns can be very damaging.  One in particular is Cinch bugs.  They are hairy little pest that often infiltrate your Atlanta lawn.  Cinch bugs are about 1/6 inch long with a gray-black body, white wings, and red legs.  They are most often associated with exposed, sunny spaces of the lawn and can be as numerous as two hundred insects per square foot of your Atlanta turf.  Th…Read More