1. Why Core Aeration?

    Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Core aeration breaks up the compaction of soil, which can result from heavy traffic such as kids playing on the lawn, pets being active on the lawn, or from your heavy mower packing down the soil each time you mow. Turf that is not core-aerated once a year may also be crowned with a …Read More

  2. Caring for Your Lawn

    Spring will be here before you know it, and nothing will make your neighbors more envious than seeing your green and weed free lawn. However, this cannot happen on its own. With preparation and routine maintenance your lawn will become the talk of the neighborhood. In a good way of course! The majority of lawns in our area are warm season grasses including Bermuda and Zoysia turf types. If you are…Read More

  3. Lime and Your Lawn

    Applying lime to your turf will raise the pH in the soil. The lower the pH of soil, the greater the acidity. A small decline in pH can result in a large increase in soluble aluminium. This restricts access to water and nutrients. Nutrients such as calcium and magnesium strengthen the turf against heat, drought, and other environmental stresses. When a lawn has weeds or patchy spots, or is turning …Read More

  4. Atlanta, Georgia Zoysia Patch

    In Atlanta, Georgia, Zoysia Patch is an active disease in your warm season turf grass lawn and landscape.  Zoysia patch disease is quite common as temperatures begin to cool and your turf begins to enter into dormancy.  This type of lawn disease may affect any warm season turf grass but is most common and detrimental to zoysia grass.   Grass affected by zoysia patch first appears as golden bro…Read More

  5. Turf grass Diseases in Atlanta, Georgia

    Turf grass diseases in Atlanta, Georgia occur when environmental conditions such as weather, conditions of the turf site, and management practices become favorable for the disease to develop.  Site issues such as limited air and light, poor drainage, or poor soil conditions will also contribute to your turfs disease susceptibility.  Turf diseases decrease the curb appeal and aesthetic value of y…Read More

  6. Atlanta, Georgia Lawns

    You’re Atlanta, Georgia lawn offers more than just natural beauty to your landscape.  There are many beneficial factors of having a well maintained home lawn.  Turf grasses are natural barriers in successfully preventing erosion brought on by wind and water while reducing run off at the same time.  Your lawn intercepts the water and wind from the soil, preventing the soil profile from being d…Read More

  7. Atlanta, Georgia Melting Out

    In Atlanta, Georgia, melting out, also known as leaf spot, is a common lawn disease that affects both warm and cool season turf grasses.  This type of lawn disease commonly effects golf greens, athletic fields, and home lawns with damage usually occurring during late spring through early winter.  Melting out disease is easily identifiable by the purplish to black colored lesions with tan centers…Read More

  8. Atlanta, Georgia, Wild Violets

    In Atlanta, Georgia, wild violets are a broadleaf perennial weed typically found in the moist, shady areas of your lawn.  This type of lawn weed can be found in both warm season and cool season turf grasses.  Wild violets are easily identified by their heart shaped leaves that come to point.  They flower during the spring, ranging in color from light blue to deep purple.  To some the wild viol…Read More

  9. Atlanta, Georgia Spring Dead Spot

    In Atlanta, Georgia spring dead spot is a tenacious and damaging lawn disease that affects the root system of your home lawn, golf courses, and athletic fields.  This type of lawn disease usually only affects bermuda turf but will occasionally infect zoysia lawns as well.  The initial infection starts in the late fall when conditions are cool and moist.  Unfortunately though, symptoms are not v…Read More

  10. Choosing a Turf Type in Atlanta, Georgia

    When choosing a turf type in Atlanta, Georgia, it is important to select a turf grass for your region as well as choosing one that is well suited for your needs and purposes.  Home lawns, athletic fields, and golf greens all need different types of turf because of the way the turf or grass is used.  There are two types of turf, warm season and cool season.  Cool season grasses such as fescue wh…Read More