1. Poa annua Control in Southern Lawns

    Poa annua is the most common winter weed in southern lawns.  This grass is also commonly known as annual bluegrass and is distinguished by the boat-shaped leaves on the plant, with the tip of the leaf curving up like the bow of a boat. Poa annua is a cool season grass that germinates during the early fall when soil temperatures drop below 70 degrees.  Each small plant can produce around one hund…Read More

  2. McDonough Fall Lawn Care

    One of the most important aspects of McDonough fall lawn care is applying pre-emergence.  Pre-emergence are herbicides specifically formulated to treat unwanted weeds in your lawn such as poa annua and chickweed.  This type of herbicide is applied at least two to four weeks before the germination of weed seeds.  When the pre-emergence is applied to the turf, a chemical barrier is formed between…Read More