1. Why Core Aeration?

    Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Core aeration breaks up the compaction of soil, which can result from heavy traffic such as kids playing on the lawn, pets being active on the lawn, or from your heavy mower packing down the soil each time you mow. Turf that is not core-aerated once a year may also be crowned with a …Read More

  2. Caring for Your Lawn

    Spring will be here before you know it, and nothing will make your neighbors more envious than seeing your green and weed free lawn. However, this cannot happen on its own. With preparation and routine maintenance your lawn will become the talk of the neighborhood. In a good way of course! The majority of lawns in our area are warm season grasses including Bermuda and Zoysia turf types. If you are…Read More

  3. Pythium Root Rot in Fayetteville, Georgia

    Pythium root rot in Fayetteville, Georgia, is one of the most debilitating lawn diseases to your lawn and landscape.  Also known as root rot disease, this lawn disease is perpetually linked to conditions of excessive soil moisture.  It typically occurs in areas of high irrigation and rainfall that remain wet for prolonged periods of time and especially in areas with limited drainage.  Pythium r…Read More

  4. Winter Damage in Fayetteville, Georgia

    What is winter damage in Fayetteville, Georgia and can it be prevented?  Winter damage, also known as winter kill, is loss turf due to various environmental conditions such as low temperature, wind, ice, snow, and disease.  The extent of the damage is a result of the interaction between the grass, soil, environment and climate.  Though some factors can be controlled such as disease, in the end …Read More

  5. Dollar weed in Fayetteville, GA Turf

    Dollar weed in Fayetteville, GA turf, also known as penny wort, is a common lawn weed found in warm season grasses such as bermuda or zoysia.  Dollar weed earned its name from its round, silver dollar shaped leaves.  The bright green leaves, often resemble that of a lily pad, however smaller in diameter.  The presence of dollar weed in your Fayetteville lawn is an indication that there is too m…Read More

  6. Dandelions in your Fayetteville Lawn

    Have you begun to notice any dandelions in your Fayetteville lawn yet?  This cheery looking weed, is a broadleaf perennial, meaning they come back year after year appearing during the spring and continuing until the temperatures drop in the fall.  Dandelions are perhaps the most common and identifiable lawn weed with its single yellow flower atop a long, hollow stalk.  This type of weed causes …Read More

  7. Fayetteville, GA Lawn Ready?

    Spring is merely days away, is your Fayetteville, GA lawn ready? With the rise in temperatures, you may have already begun to notice those pesky weeds emerging in your turf.  It’s not too late to call the certified professionals at Nature’s Turf!  We specialize in weed control and fertilization of your Fayetteville, GA lawn to keep it looking its finest lavish green.  We guarantee you will …Read More

  8. Fayetteville, GA Turf

    The primary objective of Fayetteville, GA turf is to establish a uniform living plant ground cover used for recreational purposes or just for the visual appeal.  The desired characteristics of turf grasses are color uniformity, texture, and grass density for consistency in landscape enhancement, resiliency, and overall satisfaction. When considering Fayetteville, GA turf grass installment you mus…Read More

  9. Crabgrass In Fayetteville Georgia Turf

    One of the most prevalent and persistent weeds, is crabgrass in Fayetteville Georgia turf grass.  Crabgrass is a summer annual, thriving in full sunlight and high temperatures, and generally germinates during the spring.  This tenacious grassy little weed could easily invade cool season turf grass under the right conditions.  Open and weak turf grass areas promote infestations of crabgrass in F…Read More

  10. Dove Weed In Fayetteville Lawns

    Dove weed in Fayetteville lawns is a summer annual weed often resembling a grass.  This type of weed can be identified by its narrow tapering leaves, as well as its stems that root at the nodes.  Dove weed also has short hairs on the upper margin of the turf grass leaf sheath.  Dove weed in Fayetteville lawns will usually germinate later in the season than most other summer annuals.  This type…Read More