1. Deciduous Trees in Fayetteville, Georgia

    What are deciduous trees in Fayetteville, Georgia?  Deciduous trees are trees that lose all of their leaves for part of the year, usually late fall when rainfall slows and days grow shorter and cooler.  Dropping of the leaves, allows the tree to enter into a state of dormancy, a resting period that allows the tree to conserve energy and survive the harsh stresses of winter.  One of the perks of…Read More

  2. Euonymus Scale

    Look out Fayetteville, Georgia, your evergreen euonymus shrubs may be vulnerable to euonymus scale infestations.  Warm weather has arrived, making it the perfect time to inspect your shrub and ornamentals around your home for euonymus scale damage.  This type of scale is easily identifiable by the numerous amount of white males that can be seen on the plant leaves.  In general, euonymus scale w…Read More