1. Overseeding Your Fescue Lawn

    Summer is winding down and fall is on the way.  For Fescue lawns it is the perfect time of year to begin preparations for aerating and overseeding. Tall Fescue is a cool season turfgrass, so re-establishing areas of the lawn that have declined from the summer heat can be done by this process.  Unlike other grasses in the Metro Atlanta area, Fescue does not have rhizomes or stolons. Without these…Read More

  2. McDonough, Georgia Fescue

    In McDonough, Georgia fescue is a cool season turf grass best known for its drought resistance and shade tolerance.  As the name applies, this type of turf flourishing in cold weather very well but declines under the stress of summer heat.  However, under the right irrigation practices, your fescue lawn will remain a beautifully lush green all year round.   After stressful summer temperatures …Read More

  3. Fescue Lawns in Newnan, Georgia

    Due to its ability to stay lush and green all year round, Fescue lawn in Newnan, Georgia are quite common.  Fescue is a cool season grass that thrives in cooler temperatures and will experience decline under the stress of summer heat.  Fall marks the beginning of the growing season for fescue lawns.  Making now the perfect time to schedule your aeration and over-seeding of your lawn.  Aeratin…Read More

  4. Over Seeding Atlanta Fescue

    Over seeding Atlanta fescue grass is the best way to rejuvenate and strengthen your turf this fall.  Over seeding fescue is the process of applying fescue seed over the already established fescue turf to increase the thickness of the lawn and to recover lost and/or injured turf from summer stress.  However, before the lawn can be reseeded it must be aerated.  Aeration is the process of pulling …Read More