1. Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia

    Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia is an aggressive summer weed often found in warm season turf stands such as Bermuda.  It usually germinates later in the summer and into the fall and spreads quite rapidly.  Doveweed prefers a moist environment.   Drainage issues in the lawn or over-watering encourage the development of this tenacious weed.  The identification of doveweed can sometimes be diffic…Read More

  2. Nutsegde in Newnan, Georgia

    Nutsedge in Newnan, Georgia is a persistent perennial weed often times found growing under moist conditions.  Nutsegde more often than not develops due to poor drainage and thrives in moist environment.   However, once established they will thrive in dry soil.  Nutsegde, commonly known as nutgrass, is not technically a grass at all but a sedge.  A sedge is a grass like plant with a triangular…Read More

  3. McDonough, Georgia Broadleaf Weeds

    In Atlanta, Georgia broadleaf weeds are most commonly found in disturbed or weak areas in your lawn.  Broadleaf weeds are easily identifiable since they have no resemblance to grassy weeds or your desired turf grass.  Broadleaf weeds usually have a wider leaf blade than grassy weeds.  The leaves of broadleaf weeds typically have one main vein that divides the leaf in half with a network of smal…Read More

  4. Peachtree City, Georgia Dallisgrass

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, dallisgrass is a deep rooted perennial grass, meaning it returns year after year.  Dallisgrass is a very common weed in the south as it prefers a humid environment and readily invades warm season grasses such as Bermuda and zoysia in the spring.  This type of weed can easily be identified in your turfstand as it grows twice as fast as your desired turf stand and forms…Read More

  5. Common Knotweed in Atlanta, Georgia

    Common knotweed is an annual broadleaf weed in Atlanta, Georgia commonly seen after heavy spring rains.  Common knotweed, also known as wiregrass or wire weed due the wire like branches that grow flat from a central taproot, spreading out from the center in a dense circular pattern.  This type of weed thrives in poor and compacted soils and is often found on roadsides, home lawn and gardens and …Read More

  6. Newnan, Georgia Wild Onion

    In Newnan Georgia, Wild onion is a very common, winter perennial lawn weed.  With such a distinct odor, wild onions are easily identifiable in your desired turf stand.  This type of weed emerges in the fall and continues to grow and mature into the winter until spring, where it dies back and remains dormant underneath the soil until the following fall.  Growing in clumps from white bulbs, wild …Read More

  7. Wild Garlic in Atlanta, Georgia

    Wild garlic in Atlanta, Georgia is cool season perennial.  Wild garlic is a deep green, grassy weed belonging to the Lily family.  During the fall wild garlic will  emerge from underground bulbs and starts actively growing throughout the winter and early spring before going dormant again.  More often than not, wild garlic in Atlanta, Georgia is confused with wild onion and vice versa.  Howeve…Read More

  8. Winter Annuals in McDonough, Georgia

         Corn speedwell is a common, dense and low growing winter annual in McDonough, Georgia.  This winter annual often invades weak or bare areas in your turf stand, quickly spreading especially to areas of good soil moisture.  Corn speedwell is identifiable by the fine hairs found over the entire plant.  Flowers of corn speedwell range from blue to violet with a white center.  Reproducing s…Read More

  9. Winter Weeds in your McDonough Lawn

    The best time to start using preventative measures for controlling winter weeds in your McDonough lawn is NOW!  Winter weeds begin to germinate around the same time that your warm season grasses transition into dormancy.  Pre – emergence herbicides are used to prevent winter weeds from germinating.  By not controlling winter weeds with the use of pre emergence herbicides, you put your lawn at…Read More

  10. Fall Lawn Care in Newnan, Georgia

    Unsure if your Bermuda or zoysia lawn needs fall lawn care in Newnan, Georgia?  Many homeowners think the arrival of fall means less lawn maintenance since the “growing season” is coming to an end. However, fall is actually the most ideal time to prep your lawn for the following spring, since temperatures are cooler and rainfall is occasional.  During this time your lawn is preparing for dor…Read More