1. Azalea Lace Bugs

    Azalea lace bugs can often go undetected until the plants they attack show severe damage. They feed on the underside of the leaf by piercing and then sucking the sap out of the plant. This inhibits the azalea’s ability to produce food and also causes it to be more vulnerable to damage from other insects or even diseases. Reoccuring infestations can even cause the azalea to die. The bugs lay thei…Read More

  2. Armyworms

    Does your lawn look like it went dormant overnight? You may have armyworms! Armyworms are turf damaging insects that have their name due to the way they travel through the lawn eating the green blades from the grass.  These little guys are actually caterpillars.  The adult armyworm is a nocturnal moth active during humid, warm summer evenings.  The adult female lays her eggs in masses of 50 to…Read More