1. Why Core Aeration?

    Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Core aeration breaks up the compaction of soil, which can result from heavy traffic such as kids playing on the lawn, pets being active on the lawn, or from your heavy mower packing down the soil each time you mow. Turf that is not core-aerated once a year may also be crowned with a …Read More

  2. Caring for Your Lawn

    Spring will be here before you know it, and nothing will make your neighbors more envious than seeing your green and weed free lawn. However, this cannot happen on its own. With preparation and routine maintenance your lawn will become the talk of the neighborhood. In a good way of course! The majority of lawns in our area are warm season grasses including Bermuda and Zoysia turf types. If you are…Read More

  3. Mowing your lawn in McDonough, GA

    Probably the number 1 thing you can do to improve your McDonougha, GA lawn is to mow on a regular 5-7 day schedule. This will allow you to see the best results from our lawn treatment program. Routine mowing during the growing season allows your lawn to thrive. Long stretches between mowing's can be harmful for the grass. In most cases when you mow on a 2-3 week schedule you are cutting off too mu…Read More

  4. Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia

    Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia is an aggressive summer weed often found in warm season turf stands such as Bermuda.  It usually germinates later in the summer and into the fall and spreads quite rapidly.  Doveweed prefers a moist environment.   Drainage issues in the lawn or over-watering encourage the development of this tenacious weed.  The identification of doveweed can sometimes be diffic…Read More

  5. Fescue in McDonough, Georgia

    Known for its year round color and ability to thrive in shade and drought, Fescue in McDonough, Georgia is commonly used in residential lawns as well as golf courses.   Fescue is commonly used because it is coarse textured turf grass making it a great choice for high traffic or play areas.  Fescue is a cool season turf grass with the most productive growth during the months of September to June…Read More

  6. McDonough, Georgia Broadleaf Weeds

    In Atlanta, Georgia broadleaf weeds are most commonly found in disturbed or weak areas in your lawn.  Broadleaf weeds are easily identifiable since they have no resemblance to grassy weeds or your desired turf grass.  Broadleaf weeds usually have a wider leaf blade than grassy weeds.  The leaves of broadleaf weeds typically have one main vein that divides the leaf in half with a network of smal…Read More

  7. McDonough, Georgia Downy Mildew

      In McDonough, Georgia, downy mildew also known as yellow tuft is a common lawn disease but is often misdiagnosed.  This type of lawn disease is associated with poorly drained, heavily irrigated areas and also areas of excessive rain fall.  The spore of downy mildew, uses water a medium to travel to healthy plants.  The spores literally swim through the standing water in your lawn to infe…Read More

  8. McDonough, Georgia Hunting Billbugs

    In McDonough, Georgia, hunting billbugs are small grayish black beetles commonly found in warm season turf grasses such as Zoysia or Bermuda.  These small bugs are a part of the weevil family as they have an elongated snout.  The adult female uses her snout to chew a small hole into the grass stem to insert her eggs.  The eggs remain inside the stem until they hatch into larvae, usually in thre…Read More

  9. McDonough, Georgia Fescue

    In McDonough, Georgia fescue is a cool season turf grass best known for its drought resistance and shade tolerance.  As the name applies, this type of turf flourishing in cold weather very well but declines under the stress of summer heat.  However, under the right irrigation practices, your fescue lawn will remain a beautifully lush green all year round.   After stressful summer temperatures …Read More

  10. Winter Annuals in McDonough, Georgia

         Corn speedwell is a common, dense and low growing winter annual in McDonough, Georgia.  This winter annual often invades weak or bare areas in your turf stand, quickly spreading especially to areas of good soil moisture.  Corn speedwell is identifiable by the fine hairs found over the entire plant.  Flowers of corn speedwell range from blue to violet with a white center.  Reproducing s…Read More