1. Mowing your Peachtree City lawn.

    Mowing your lawn in Peachtree City, GA is critical even in the fall. Although growth on your warm season lawn has started to slow down we suggest you continue mowing weekly until it has gone completely dormant. Common warm season lawns in Peachtree City, GA are Bermuda and Zoysia. For most people that will be another month of mowing. After the lawn has gone dormant you can move to a monthly mowing…Read More

  2. Zoysia Patch in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Zoysia Patch in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a prominent lawn disease that affects warm season turf grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia, with Zoysia being the most susceptible to the disease.  This type of lawn disease is caused by the Rhizoctonia Solani fungus.  Zoysia patch, also commonly known as large patch, is evident in the spring and fall when grass is leaving or entering dormancy.  This t…Read More

  3. Peachtree City, Georgia, Pre Emergent Herbicides

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, pre-emergent herbicides are used in the prevention of weeds in your home lawn and landscape.  Pre- emergents applied in the fall are used to prevent winter weeds such as chickweed, poa annua, and henbit from germinating and invading your lawn this winter.  Pre- emergent herbicides work by creating a uniform barrier in the top layer of soil.  This barrier prevents the…Read More

  4. Peachtree, City, Georgia Proper Lawn Mowing

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, proper lawn mowing requires a sharp blade, every time you mow.  Proper mowing practices are vital to maintain a healthy and vigorous turf stand.  Not only is mowing with a sharp blade easier but it is better for your lawn for a few reasons.  When you mow your lawn with a dull blade, the grass blades are actually being ripped or torn away instead of being cut evenly.…Read More

  5. Fescue Lawns in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Brown Patch disease is a serious fungal disease most commonly effecting cool season grasses such as Fescue in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Symptoms of brown patch disease vary depending on the environment, soil type, and the amount of time and effort that you put into your turf grass management.   This type of fungal disease most often first appears during the spring and can be seen as rings or pa…Read More

  6. Peachtree City, Georgia, Virginia Buttonweed

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, Virginia Buttonweed is a difficult to control broadleaf lawn weed that germinates in the spring and continues to grow throughout the summer.  Buttonweed grows in a thick mat-like pattern with a deep taproot system.  This tenacious lawn weed is often found in disturbed lawns and landscapes under moist, wet conditions and areas of poor drainage.  Buttonweed can be iden…Read More

  7. Zoysia Lawns in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Now that your lawn is coming out of dormancy and the soil temperatures are rising, it is time to aerate your zoysia lawn in Peachtree City, Georgia!   The soil beneath your zoysia turf becomes compacted throughout the year due to mowing and maintenance practices, rain, and children or pets playing on the lawn.  When the soil becomes too compacted, vital nutrients are unable to penetrate through…Read More

  8. Peachtree City, Georgia Dallisgrass

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, dallisgrass is a deep rooted perennial grass, meaning it returns year after year.  Dallisgrass is a very common weed in the south as it prefers a humid environment and readily invades warm season grasses such as Bermuda and zoysia in the spring.  This type of weed can easily be identified in your turfstand as it grows twice as fast as your desired turf stand and forms…Read More

  9. Managing Thatch in Peachtree City, Georgia

    When it comes to managing thatch in Peachtree City, Georgia, proper lawn care and maintenance is key!  A thin layer of thatch is healthy and normal, however if thatch builds up to more than ¼ inch thick it can be detrimental to your turf stand.  Too much thatch becomes a tangled mat keeping vital nutrients such as water, light, and air from reaching the grass roots.  A heavy thatch layer also …Read More

  10. Pruning during Dormancy in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Pruning during dormancy  in Peachtree City, Georgia is a quite common practice, especially for deciduous trees and shrubs.  During the winter, deciduous trees and shrubs enter into dormancy, meaning growth and development temporarily stops and the all leaves are lost.  This makes winter the perfect time to break out those pruning shears as there is no new growth to damage and no leaves making …Read More