1. Mowing your Peachtree City lawn.

    Mowing your lawn in Peachtree City, GA is critical even in the fall. Although growth on your warm season lawn has started to slow down we suggest you continue mowing weekly until it has gone completely dormant. Common warm season lawns in Peachtree City, GA are Bermuda and Zoysia. For most people that will be another month of mowing. After the lawn has gone dormant you can move to a monthly mowing…Read More

  2. Mowing your lawn in McDonough, GA

    Probably the number 1 thing you can do to improve your McDonougha, GA lawn is to mow on a regular 5-7 day schedule. This will allow you to see the best results from our lawn treatment program. Routine mowing during the growing season allows your lawn to thrive. Long stretches between mowing's can be harmful for the grass. In most cases when you mow on a 2-3 week schedule you are cutting off too mu…Read More

  3. Nutsedge in Newnan, Georgia

    In Newnan, Georgia a common weed we fight in the lawn during the summer is Nutsedge.  This grassy weed can infest a lawn very quickly.  While Nutsedge is a grass it does not resemble the common Bermuda and Zoysia lawns we have in Newnan, Georgia.  Especially since it grows much faster than these varieties of turf.  Typically Nutsedge rises above the height of the turf grasses very quickly maki…Read More

  4. Crape Myrtles in McDonough, Georgia

    Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease of crape myrtles in McDonough, Georgia.  This type of disease most often occurs during the spring but may occur at any point during the growing season.  The development of powdery mildew is favored by warm days followed by cool nights.  Extended periods of dry weather and excessive shade also promote development of disease.  This type of disease produces very…Read More

  5. Atlanta, Georgia, Wild Violets

    In Atlanta, Georgia, wild violets are a broadleaf perennial weed typically found in the moist, shady areas of your lawn.  This type of lawn weed can be found in both warm season and cool season turf grasses.  Wild violets are easily identified by their heart shaped leaves that come to point.  They flower during the spring, ranging in color from light blue to deep purple.  To some the wild viol…Read More

  6. Fire Ants in Fayetteville, Georgia

    Fire ants in Fayetteville, Georgia, also known as red ants are far more aggressive in nature than other ant species. Most ants bite and spray acid on the wound, fire ants on the other hand only bite to get a better grip on its victim.  They then sting from their abdomen by injecting a venom called Solenopsin, causing a very painful burning and stinging sensation said to be similar to being burned…Read More

  7. Common Knotweed in Atlanta, Georgia

    Common knotweed is an annual broadleaf weed in Atlanta, Georgia commonly seen after heavy spring rains.  Common knotweed, also known as wiregrass or wire weed due the wire like branches that grow flat from a central taproot, spreading out from the center in a dense circular pattern.  This type of weed thrives in poor and compacted soils and is often found on roadsides, home lawn and gardens and …Read More

  8. Pythium Root Rot in Fayetteville, Georgia

    Pythium root rot in Fayetteville, Georgia, is one of the most debilitating lawn diseases to your lawn and landscape.  Also known as root rot disease, this lawn disease is perpetually linked to conditions of excessive soil moisture.  It typically occurs in areas of high irrigation and rainfall that remain wet for prolonged periods of time and especially in areas with limited drainage.  Pythium r…Read More

  9. Winter Damage in Fayetteville, Georgia

    What is winter damage in Fayetteville, Georgia and can it be prevented?  Winter damage, also known as winter kill, is loss turf due to various environmental conditions such as low temperature, wind, ice, snow, and disease.  The extent of the damage is a result of the interaction between the grass, soil, environment and climate.  Though some factors can be controlled such as disease, in the end …Read More

  10. Dollar weed in Fayetteville, GA Turf

    Dollar weed in Fayetteville, GA turf, also known as penny wort, is a common lawn weed found in warm season grasses such as bermuda or zoysia.  Dollar weed earned its name from its round, silver dollar shaped leaves.  The bright green leaves, often resemble that of a lily pad, however smaller in diameter.  The presence of dollar weed in your Fayetteville lawn is an indication that there is too m…Read More