1. Crape Myrtles in McDonough, Georgia

    Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease of crape myrtles in McDonough, Georgia.  This type of disease most often occurs during the spring but may occur at any point during the growing season.  The development of powdery mildew is favored by warm days followed by cool nights.  Extended periods of dry weather and excessive shade also promote development of disease.  This type of disease produces very…Read More

  2. Boxwoods In McDonough, Georgia

    All boxwoods in McDonough, Georgia are susceptible to leafminers, the minute larvae of orange mosquito-like flies.  The leafminer is the most detrimental pest to attack evergreen boxwoods.  Leafminer flys are most active during warm spring days, swarming your boxwoods at the sight of new growth.  Once the female has been fertilized she inserts her eggs inside the leaf, where the larvae remain u…Read More