1. Life Cycle of the Bagworm

    The life cycle of the bagworm caterpillar is broken down into 4 stages; the egg, larvae, pupal, and adult.  The most damage is done during the larva stage, while the caterpillars are actively feeding on needles and plant material from your Newnan, Georgia trees.  During this stage, the bagworm also begins to construct a protective bag around his hind parts to hide in when disturbed.  The protec…Read More

  2. Bagworms in Newnan, Georgia

    Bagworms in Newnan , Georgia are caterpillars of a moth species that attack both evergreen and deciduous trees.  Bagworms infestations often go unnoticed because their protective bags are mistaken for pine cones or other plant material.  Upon inspection, you will see the spindle-shaped protective bag hanging from leaves or branches.  They are especially damaging to junipers, spruce, pine, and c…Read More

  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider Mites!

    Itsy bitsy spider mites may be the reason for the yellowing leaves on your Newnan, Georgia white gardenias.  Spider mites will overwinter and become active in the spring when temperatures are on the rise.  The months of June through September are prime months for spider mite activity.  These tiny pest thrive in humid environments where temperatures average around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Spider…Read More