1. Lespedeza In your Peachtree City Lawn?

    No one enjoys battling weeds in their lawn, and common  Lespedeza in your Peachtree City lawn is a persistent summer annual legume that can be quite problematic as it competes with your desired turf stand for nutrients and space.  Common Lespedeza, also known as Japanese clover, is most often found in Peachtree City lawns that are thinning or dry and compacted.  This type of weed grows low, h…Read More

  2. Peachtree City Lawn Weeds

    Peachtree City lawn weeds compete with your desired turf grass for light, water, nutrients, and space.  To control weeds in your turf grass we use products called herbicides.  Herbicides are used to prevent and eliminate weeds all while reducing manual weeding time.  There are two types of herbicides; pre-emergents and post-emergents.  Pre-emergents are applied to the soil before the weeds are…Read More

  3. Henbit in Peachtree City Lawns

    Henbit in Peachtree City lawns, is a broad leaf, winter annual weed.  Henbit reproduces solely by seed and begins to germinate in the fall or winter and then remains dormant until spring when it resumes growth and produces more seeds.  This type of winter annual most commonly grows on roadsides, pastures, and unfortunately in your Peachtree City lawn.  Henbit will quickly invade thin, scant tur…Read More

  4. Grass Roots of Peachtree City Turf

    Grass roots of Peachtree City turf are located beneath the soil surface.  The roots of a grass plant are what anchor the plant in place as well as absorbing water and nutrients from the earth.  Turf grass roots are slender but fibrous and branch off into different directions for adequate nutritious absorption.  Root growth is affected by the temperature of the soil, moisture and oxygen levels.…Read More

  5. Peachtree City Grass Plant Structure

    There are two distinct systems working within each induvidual Peachtree City grass plant structure.  The roots and leaves of the plant have two very different jobs to manage withing the structure.  The root system absorbs oxygen and nutrients from the soil and then produce carbon dioxide as a waste product.  The roots also absorb nutrients from the leaves which is then stored in the roots expan…Read More

  6. Turf Grass

    What is turf grass?  Turf grass is a species of grass known as monocots.  This is because when the seed germinates, only one tiny leaf emerges.  This type of grass consists of slim leaves that form a uniform ground cover that is highly tolerant of foot travel and low mowing height.  Did you know that the term turf grass is defined as the individual grass plants that make up the entire lawn or …Read More

  7. Peachtree City Zoysia Turf

    Peachtree City Zoysia turf is a medium textured warm season grass.  This dense grass has an extensive root system that can adapt too many different soil varieties including salt and clay.  Zoysia is best established from sod because it has a slow but steady growth rate.  This type of turf grass spreads by above ground stolons and underground rhizomes.  Peachtree City zoysia is known for being …Read More

  8. Mowing Peachtree City Turf

    When mowing Peachtree City turf, it is important to take into consideration the proper mowing height for your grass type.  Knowing the proper mowing height of the type of turf you have is one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy, lush lawn.  Every time your Peachtree City lawn is mowed, conditions are created for the grass to flourish or to fail.  You should be mowing Peachtree Ci…Read More

  9. Peachtree City Fall Overseeding

    Peachtree City Fall Overseeding is a crucial fundamental for a healthy and nourished fescue lawn.  With fall only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to over seed your fescue lawn.  The process of over seeding is so important because it helps the turf recover from harsh summer damage such as drought, diseases, and insect destruction.  Over seeding your fescue is the process of introducing…Read More

  10. Poa Annua in Peachtree City

    Poa Annua in Peachtree City is the most common turf weed in both residential and commercial turf lawns.  Poa Annua, also known as annual bluegrass, is distinguished by the boat shaped leaves on the plant, with the tip of the leaf curving up like the bow of a boat.  The poa annua in Peachtree City is a cool season grass that germinates during the  early fall when soil temperatures drop below 70 …Read More