1. Zoysia Patch in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Zoysia Patch in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a prominent lawn disease that affects warm season turf grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia, with Zoysia being the most susceptible to the disease.  This type of lawn disease is caused by the Rhizoctonia Solani fungus.  Zoysia patch, also commonly known as large patch, is evident in the spring and fall when grass is leaving or entering dormancy.  This t…Read More

  2. Peachtree, City, Georgia Proper Lawn Mowing

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, proper lawn mowing requires a sharp blade, every time you mow.  Proper mowing practices are vital to maintain a healthy and vigorous turf stand.  Not only is mowing with a sharp blade easier but it is better for your lawn for a few reasons.  When you mow your lawn with a dull blade, the grass blades are actually being ripped or torn away instead of being cut evenly.…Read More

  3. Fescue Lawns in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Brown Patch disease is a serious fungal disease most commonly effecting cool season grasses such as Fescue in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Symptoms of brown patch disease vary depending on the environment, soil type, and the amount of time and effort that you put into your turf grass management.   This type of fungal disease most often first appears during the spring and can be seen as rings or pa…Read More

  4. Zoysia Lawns in Peachtree City, Georgia

    Now that your lawn is coming out of dormancy and the soil temperatures are rising, it is time to aerate your zoysia lawn in Peachtree City, Georgia!   The soil beneath your zoysia turf becomes compacted throughout the year due to mowing and maintenance practices, rain, and children or pets playing on the lawn.  When the soil becomes too compacted, vital nutrients are unable to penetrate through…Read More

  5. Peachtree City Turf

    Peachtree City turf grass offers more than just a source of beauty and comfort.  Turf grass is the most natural playing surface not only for children but for adults and pets as well.  Recreational areas such as turf provide safe and comfortable surfaces for play all while promoting outdoor activity and exercise.  Studies have shown that being outdoors, enjoying your Peachtree City turf, improve…Read More

  6. Peachtree City Fall Overseeding

    Peachtree City Fall Overseeding is a crucial fundamental for a healthy and nourished fescue lawn.  With fall only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to over seed your fescue lawn.  The process of over seeding is so important because it helps the turf recover from harsh summer damage such as drought, diseases, and insect destruction.  Over seeding your fescue is the process of introducing…Read More

  7. Helminthosporium Diseases in Peachtree City Lawns

    Helminthosporium Diseases in Peachtree City Lawns can cause diseases such as melting out, net blotch, and crown and root rot.  Both cool and warm season turf grasses in Peachtree City are affected by this type of fungi.  Helminthosporium Diseases in Peachtree City Lawns begin as leaf spots.  However when leaf spots are present and go untreated during the initial phases, the disease progresses t…Read More

  8. Peachtree City Lawn Diseases

    Peachtree City Lawn Diseases are the most challenging turf problems to identify and manage. Often, the organism causing the disease is not visible and the symptoms that are clearly visible can be caused by several different diseases or disorders. Disorders are caused by harsh growing conditions in Peachtree City such as extreme temperatures, too much or too little water, light and fertilizer. Diso…Read More