1. Mowing your Peachtree City lawn.

    Mowing your lawn in Peachtree City, GA is critical even in the fall. Although growth on your warm season lawn has started to slow down we suggest you continue mowing weekly until it has gone completely dormant. Common warm season lawns in Peachtree City, GA are Bermuda and Zoysia. For most people that will be another month of mowing. After the lawn has gone dormant you can move to a monthly mowing…Read More

  2. Weed Control in Fayetteville, Georgia

    The best method of weed control in Fayetteville, Georgia is maintaining lush and vigorously growing turf stand. Proper cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering and fertilization are the first steps to a healthy, weed free lawn. However, because of wind, animals and foot travel weeds can still be a challenge even with the best cultural practices. Because of how weed seeds spread it may be…Read More

  3. Peachtree City, Georgia, Pre Emergent Herbicides

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, pre-emergent herbicides are used in the prevention of weeds in your home lawn and landscape.  Pre- emergents applied in the fall are used to prevent winter weeds such as chickweed, poa annua, and henbit from germinating and invading your lawn this winter.  Pre- emergent herbicides work by creating a uniform barrier in the top layer of soil.  This barrier prevents the…Read More

  4. Peachtree City, Georgia, Virginia Buttonweed

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, Virginia Buttonweed is a difficult to control broadleaf lawn weed that germinates in the spring and continues to grow throughout the summer.  Buttonweed grows in a thick mat-like pattern with a deep taproot system.  This tenacious lawn weed is often found in disturbed lawns and landscapes under moist, wet conditions and areas of poor drainage.  Buttonweed can be iden…Read More

  5. Peachtree City, Georgia Dallisgrass

    In Peachtree City, Georgia, dallisgrass is a deep rooted perennial grass, meaning it returns year after year.  Dallisgrass is a very common weed in the south as it prefers a humid environment and readily invades warm season grasses such as Bermuda and zoysia in the spring.  This type of weed can easily be identified in your turfstand as it grows twice as fast as your desired turf stand and forms…Read More

  6. Lespedeza In your Peachtree City Lawn?

    No one enjoys battling weeds in their lawn, and common  Lespedeza in your Peachtree City lawn is a persistent summer annual legume that can be quite problematic as it competes with your desired turf stand for nutrients and space.  Common Lespedeza, also known as Japanese clover, is most often found in Peachtree City lawns that are thinning or dry and compacted.  This type of weed grows low, h…Read More

  7. Peachtree City Lawn Weeds

    Peachtree City lawn weeds compete with your desired turf grass for light, water, nutrients, and space.  To control weeds in your turf grass we use products called herbicides.  Herbicides are used to prevent and eliminate weeds all while reducing manual weeding time.  There are two types of herbicides; pre-emergents and post-emergents.  Pre-emergents are applied to the soil before the weeds are…Read More

  8. Henbit in Peachtree City Lawns

    Henbit in Peachtree City lawns, is a broad leaf, winter annual weed.  Henbit reproduces solely by seed and begins to germinate in the fall or winter and then remains dormant until spring when it resumes growth and produces more seeds.  This type of winter annual most commonly grows on roadsides, pastures, and unfortunately in your Peachtree City lawn.  Henbit will quickly invade thin, scant tur…Read More

  9. Peachtree City Turf

    Peachtree City turf grass offers more than just a source of beauty and comfort.  Turf grass is the most natural playing surface not only for children but for adults and pets as well.  Recreational areas such as turf provide safe and comfortable surfaces for play all while promoting outdoor activity and exercise.  Studies have shown that being outdoors, enjoying your Peachtree City turf, improve…Read More

  10. Peachtree City Fall Overseeding

    Peachtree City Fall Overseeding is a crucial fundamental for a healthy and nourished fescue lawn.  With fall only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to over seed your fescue lawn.  The process of over seeding is so important because it helps the turf recover from harsh summer damage such as drought, diseases, and insect destruction.  Over seeding your fescue is the process of introducing…Read More