1. Euonymus Scale

    Look out Fayetteville, Georgia, your evergreen euonymus shrubs may be vulnerable to euonymus scale infestations.  Warm weather has arrived, making it the perfect time to inspect your shrub and ornamentals around your home for euonymus scale damage.  This type of scale is easily identifiable by the numerous amount of white males that can be seen on the plant leaves.  In general, euonymus scale w…Read More

  2. Azalea Lace Bugs

    Spring has arrived, and now is the perfect time to inspect your Atlanta ornamentals for signs of azalea lace bug damage.  Lace bugs overwinter as eggs, or lie dormant during the cool temperatures and hatch during the spring.  Lace bugs are minute insects, approximately 1/8 of an inch long, with clear cells forming a lace like pattern on the adult wings, hence their name “lace bug”.  Azale…Read More

  3. Peachtree City Shrub Care Watering

    Watering shrubs in Peachtree City, GA is simple!  Don’t over think the process and remember that the roots go deep on most trees and shrubs.  Your objective should be to slowly soak the entire root ball of the plant.  Ideally having a drip system installed in Peachtree City is the best method of watering.  Drip systems will allow each plant to have a direct source of water and it will releas…Read More

  4. Proper pruning of trees and shrubs in metro Atlanta.

    Just as the early years of a child’s life, the “formative years”, are so critical in the development of a person, so are the early years of a plants life.  This is especially so where pruning is concerned. For example, by performing some simple structural pruning during the first eight or so years of a trees life, one can transform a tree that is destined to be structurally unsound and even…Read More