1. McDonough, Georgia Fescue

    In McDonough, Georgia fescue is a cool season turf grass best known for its drought resistance and shade tolerance.  As the name applies, this type of turf flourishing in cold weather very well but declines under the stress of summer heat.  However, under the right irrigation practices, your fescue lawn will remain a beautifully lush green all year round.   After stressful summer temperatures …Read More

  2. Tall Fescue in McDonough, Georgia

    Tall fescue in McDonough, Georgia is a cool season turf grass identifiable by its deep green color and coarse textured grass blade.  Cool season turf grasses grow best during cooler seasons such as Spring and Fall and go dormant during the hot summer months.  However, if maintained properly you can keep your fescue green all year round. Tall fescue is a quite durable turf stand as it tolerates h…Read More