1. Overseeding Your Fescue Lawn

    Summer is winding down and fall is on the way.  For Fescue lawns it is the perfect time of year to begin preparations for aerating and overseeding. Tall Fescue is a cool season turfgrass, so re-establishing areas of the lawn that have declined from the summer heat can be done by this process.  Unlike other grasses in the Metro Atlanta area, Fescue does not have rhizomes or stolons. Without these…Read More

  2. Tall Fescue in McDonough, Georgia

    Tall fescue in McDonough, Georgia is a cool season turf grass identifiable by its deep green color and coarse textured grass blade.  Cool season turf grasses grow best during cooler seasons such as Spring and Fall and go dormant during the hot summer months.  However, if maintained properly you can keep your fescue green all year round. Tall fescue is a quite durable turf stand as it tolerates h…Read More